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Zero Percent Scared

Jul 8, 2019


Who doesn't love a newspaper horoscope? You know you read them. Don't even pretend. We're all bff here.

Once you're done reading your horoscope, make an opposite friend! Also, Evangeline Adams is the podcast's official queer role model, so get on board.


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Buzzfeed astrological quizzes - go crazy people!

Birth Season affects your mood in later life, 2014.Gauquelin's Mars effect

Multiple comparison problem

Spurious correlations

Relative Age Effect

Malcom Gladwell: Outliers

Barnum effect

Paranormal Beliefs and the Barnum Effect (Tobacyk et al, 2010):

Adel et al. Favored zodiac for celebrity births.

Genovese JE. A failed demonstration of sun sign astrology. Comprehensive Psychology (2013)

Lili Kolisko

Evangeline Adams

Tree Marriage