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Zero Percent Scared

Mar 30, 2020

Hey folks! How’s your social isolation going? Seeing squirrels carrying sacks marching around your house yet? Craving hugs as much as we are?

In this episode we talk about the psychological and physical impacts of being socially isolated. We also talk Wendigos, a slenderman krampus love child that is caused by...

Mar 22, 2020

In a unfortunately timely episode, we talk about the fact that viruses are essentially magic. Dark. Science. Magic. 

Everyone be safe out there. Wash your hands, stay inside, and email us. We’re quarantined and lonely.

Let us know what you think! Email!

FYI: The best way to support the...

Mar 6, 2020

Today we are going straight to the good stuff and talking Alien Implants with our fave M.D., Dr. Mysteryface!

She is here to break down the science and no-so-science to the bat-shiz crazy world of apodiatrist who removed and analyzed alleged alien implants.

We cover isotopes, surgeries, and a lot of stuff Sarah...