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Zero Percent Scared

Oct 31, 2019


Second: It’s unanimous, nobody likes clowns. Or Disney World. OK fine that last one is just Kelly, but the clown thing is real. Especially when they’re trying to murder you. Let’s phase out the clowns, people. Phase them out.

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Oct 24, 2019

Join us as we discuss the true(ish) Amityville Horror story! Did demonic forces drive the Lutz family from their murder house? Get the facts and Kelly's review of the movie here! Spoiler -- she isn't a fan.

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Oct 18, 2019

Have you seen Pet Sematary? No? Cool definitely keep it that way. We have some NUTS animal stories for you. Nature is metal. Ghost dogs are metal. 

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Oct 11, 2019

GUYS. We're back and it's the most paranormal month of the year!

Tune in to hear about how the Zombie Apocalypse is definitely inevitable and all about crazy drugs that apparently you can only get in Florida. 

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