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Zero Percent Scared

Feb 28, 2020

WHAT?? We're up to 50 episodes! You guys! Thanks so much for listening!

Join us for another solo episode by Sarah -- this week we discuss the strange and controversial world of ghost EVPs or electronic voice phenomenon! Sarah discusses ghost shows, the methods they use to record unearthly voices and even PLAYS SOME...

Feb 21, 2020

Guess what, Dr. Kelly is back! This week join us as we discuss The EVIL EYE, how it's having a moment, it's history, and the weird science Kelly dug up about it.

Notice: if you're particularly clever, check out the link below and build an evil eye sensing pair of ski goggles!

We also go on several tangents, including...

Feb 15, 2020

Join us today for a terrifying, depressing and somehow funny voyage into all things La Llorona -- aka 'the weeping woman', a child stalking madwoman who OBVI has postpartum psychosis like a mofo.

We have so many insane stories in this episode, so get in here! 

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