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Zero Percent Scared

Jul 15, 2019

This went from a conversation about TV to a giant feminist rant so get excited people.

Main question for the listeners: Are straight women actually super into being stalked by pasty emo dudes? Please tell us, we want to understand you!

Reminder: We're going to be changing our release schedule, from Monday mornings to Thursday morning.

Buffy top list: 
Kelly's Faves:
  1. Tabula Rasa (S6 E8)
  2. Once more with feeling (S6 E7)
  3. Smashed (S6 E9)
  4. I only have eyes for you (S2 E19)
  5. Halloween (S2 E6)
  6. Dopplegangland (S3 E16)
  7. The wish (S3 E9)
  8. Hush (S4 E10)
Sarah's Faves: 
  1. Teachers pet (S1 E4)
  2. Puppet show (S1 E9)
  3. School hard (S2 E3)
  4. Innocence (S2 E14)
  5. Hush (S4 E10)
  6. Out of mind, out of sight (S1 E11)
  7. Chosen (S7 E22)