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Zero Percent Scared

Oct 30, 2020

Hey hey we're back! Just in time for a super-rare Halloween blue moon! 

And we have returned just in time to give you the legends and sciencey lowdown all about the big beautiful (and creepy, horrible) moon and how it may or may not affect our moods, emotions, and super violent hand-chopping throat slicing tendencies.

Join host Sarah Cox and sciencey expert Dr. Mysteryface as we break it down -- and don't forget tomorrow re-tune-in for an astrological review of how the 2020 blue moon is going to screw with us all! 

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Mythology of the Full Moon:

Overview of the full moon's bullsh!t:

Does the full moon make people MAD as in crazytown?

Crackdown on lunar filled CRIME!!!

Same same in Chicago!